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uk.gifBorn at Majdan, Russian Carpathia, in 1926, he was raised in Nyirbator, Hungary. In 1941 he and his family were deported to Poland as stateless persons, in April 1944 taken against their will to the ghetto, and in May 1944 sent to Auschwitz. Save for the father, the entire family was murdered and suffered severe persecution at the hands ofthe Nazis. Further stages of horror were the Fünfteichen and Görlitz concentration camps. On May 8, 1945, Shlomo Graber was freed by the Red Army and in 1948 he emigrated to Israel. Since 1989 he has been living in Basel, Switzerland, where he paints.


Despite his horrifying adolescence, he has not lost his zest for life or his youthful energy, which is expressed with feeling in his painting. His works radiate joy and courage to live.


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